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# Intranet cameras. This is an extra module that enables the intranet to be utilized as a network wide security surveillance system. By attaching webcams to workstations, a camera surveillance system can be built without installing video cables or expensive camera infrastructure. Currently, the module can monitor 4 cameras. Future versions will enable the user to configure the number of cameras and select the area monitored by each camera.

# When the user logs in, the workstation will use the user's prefered configuration. The user can directly access a module where he has an access right.

# The workstation can be given an identity (workstation values e.g. nursing ward, clinic, phone/intercom number, etc.). These values will be automatically inserted into appropriate field entries within forms and tables.

# 'Quickies'. There are quick lists, quick options, quick address, quickviews in several modules. These 'quickies' enable the user to complete data with minimum number of mouse clicks.

# Smart quicklist. The list in a smart quicklist is dynamic. The information is sorted according to the usage frequency with the most often used information appearing on top of the list. The list is continously updated with relevant information entered by the user in forms and tables.

# One key shortcuts. Entering the key "t" or "T" in a date entry field will automatically produce the current date. Similarly, entering "y" or "Y" will produce the yesterday's date. Entering "n" or "N" in a time entry field will automatically produce the current time.

# Online editor and submitter. The user with an access right to the editor can write news, cafeteria menus, prices and other articles and submit them online.

# Multifunction calendar. This calendar serves as a channel for quick date dependent access to different functions.