Professional support
from the core developers

Our core team provide comprehensive support plans as well as encompass bug fixes, problem support, and developer assistance. You get straight contact to our experts. By our professional support plans you have the confidence of being able to depend on us to get you running and keep you running - saving you time and avoiding downtime. Bug fixes and patches can be delivered to you directly and will also be incorporated in future versions of the product - so you can rely your issues staying fixed.


We also provide individual solutions especially for your need.


Your satisfaction, our priority


It is much better to look at whether the software can be made to have the functionality you require. Care2x is written in PHP what makes it quite easy for anyone to find local companies or developer to continue the development for any need. Personal preferences for software
engineering practices depend very much on where and when that person
was educated and its background. We provide professional assitance for your local developers to generate new modules for hospital information system (HIS) as well as medical recording systems (MRS).


Choose our professional support when you need:


  • Remote design,
  • development or
  • deployment assistance

    with any component of care2x.

    Configuration assistance or help resolving a performance bottleneck.
    Bug fixes that must be addressed quickly and patches that must be automatically rolled into future product releases.
    Assistance upgrading from one version to another
    Support with rapid response times for business-critical applications.
    Alerts about relevant bug fixes and patches, security holes, optimization tips, and more.

    For more information

    For more information about our services and to discuss a business relationship please use the Contact Form and ask for someone to contact you at your earliest convenience.