Join Us


Care2x is a open-source project and its been used around the globe.

We want to invite you to join us in our effort to:

  - help build a flexible hospital infromation system based on interenet technology

  - create a powerful network for developing a new generation of HIS

Why Join care2x developer network?

The future of care2x developer network (cdn) couldn't be brighter. The combination of current international cooperation of developers, sysadmins, database developers, architects and consultancies results into one of the largest open source initiatives since nearly 10 years.

The community

  - join our mailing lists with around 700 registered members

  - make care2x better by finding bugs and filling bug reports or new innovating ideas

  - submit patches or own code

Ready to learn more? Read our webblog and follow the getting starting documentation or follow us on facebook.