The Solution

Care2XSolves the challenge

Has modules for the different functions and departments.

Solves the multiple software issues.

Uses a single database and single data format. The current beta version supports the mySQL database.

Solves the data redundancy issues.

Uses a standard database language. Currently, SQL.

Solves the data incompatibility. Data can be shared throughout the whole network. External programs can also access the data by using the standard SQL language to query information.

Uses the PHP and Javascript scripting languages.

Solves the platform dependency issue. Improvement and adaptation of existing program modules as well as creation of new program modules are easy and quick. Development costs and time sink substantially. No need to contract several different software companies.

All program modules are server side processed.

No downtime during module updates and extensions. The users would likely not notice the replacement of modules.

All program modules and functions follow the same design philosophies and user navigation principles. The GUI design is consistent throughout the whole network.

Solves the complexity of learning multiple programs. The user needs to learn only how to use Care2X. The training time is shorter and absence from actual workplace is shorter.

Program functions are accessed via standard browser.

No need for dedicated and costly client programs.

All major components are free. eg. Apache webserver; PHP scripting engine; standard Care2X scripts; MySQL database; Internet/Intranet Browser

Installation, development and maintenance costs are low.

Care2X is an open source software.

Development is broad based and fast. Bugs and security holes can be detected quickly. Stability and reliability will be tested by a large community of software programmers. Customization for the hospital's special needs can be done by the hospital's edp staff.

Can be accessed via the internet since Care2X uses standard internet protocols.

Physicians or surgeons can access patients' data from outside the hospital without using specialized software.

Care2X is higly flexible and configurable and supports multiple languages. It currently supports english and german. The user can configure his own GUI interface according to his personal preferences, languange, and level of technical understanding.

Solves the complexity problem. The program becomes user friendly.

Has many built-in automation, data validation, signalling, and updating features.

Substantially reduces the occurence of erroneous data. Removes the burden of counterchecking data manually.