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Standard intranet browsable pages for the hospital presenting general information, news, etc.


Telephone directory of the hospital with functions for search and entering new phone information.


Patient admission system with search and archive functions. Label with patient's data and barcode printer.


A documentation system for both inpatient and outpatient departments, patients' medical history, etc. This is the replacement to an aging proprietary software.


Duty planner for physicians and surgeons among others


Nursing wards administration, patient data monitoring, nurse planner, appointment scheduler, patient search, documentation, patient data folders, etc.


Operating Room. Documenting surgical operations (surgery, anesthesia, nursing, material, medicines, etc.), OR duty planner, search and archive functions, international ICD and OPS documentation systems, surgical operation planner, etc.

Tech support

Technical support and maintenance. Reporting damage and requesting repairs. Info query system. Automatic signalling for reception of queries and requests. Documentation of technical jobs. Information system.


Entering and displaying laboratory examination results for patients. Currently, the medical laboratory is functional. The pathological and bacteriological laboratories are being developed.


Search and display of x-ray films with integrated editor and reader of diagnostics results. Currently in demo version. The functional version is being developed.


Ordering of phamaceutical products. Organizing quick order catalogs. Pharmacy database management. Automatic signalling of reception of orders. Product search and archive functions.

Medical depot

Central depot for medical products and other materials. Ordering system. Organizing quick order catalogs. Product database management. Automatic signalling of reception of orders. Product search and archive functions. Product search and archive functions.


Electronic data processing department. This is accessible only with SystemAdmin rights. Access rights management, database server administration, configuration functions, etc.

Intranet email

Database based mail system for internal communication. The communication protocol is intentionally non-standard to prevent standard mail programs from accessing the mail data.

Internet email

Email system using standard internet mail protocols. Can be used to send or receive mails from the internet if allowed by the network.


Special tools and functions. Document editor modules, "bundy clock" module, duty planner, news editor and submission system, color options configurator, access password manager, photolab, integrated intracam surveilance system, among many others.


Allows automatic loading of the user's personal preferences or the computer's particular configuration. Logging in gives the computer an identity which facilitates many automation features, otherwise the server will assume default values.

Language selector

Currently supports english and german languages.